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Zardus Art of Hallowell, Maine
Teresa A. Zardus (Tess)

Teresa Zardus was born in the Midwest and moved to Maine in 2004 with her husband, Derek. They traveled the United States for 6 months enjoying the country and looking for a new place to call home. Both fell in love with Hallowell and its small town charm and decided to start their new life in the Historic River City.

Teresa has been creating art since she was 8 years old and practiced by pencil sketching over other artists work. By the time she was in 4th grade, Teresa would free-hand sketch the United States of America and capture the attention of her friends by drawing portraits in class. Throughout the years, Teresa started using other media such as charcoal, pastels, oil, and acrylic paints, as well as venturing into photography. Her techniques and styles have changed over time and now she brings us, her acrylic paintings using abstract expressionism.

"I try to capture feelings and emotions through brush strokes and color mixtures. Sometimes, those feelings change midstream - just as quick as life. And so, my picture changes as well! With the rush of existence, I seek creative solace through simplistic scenes. A moment captured on canvas through my eyes. It's not about a perfect technique or creating perfect lines, but instead, capturing a "perfectly" flawed scene in time and sharing it with others."

Zardus Art | Teresa Zardus | Gardiner, Maine 04345 | (207) 446-7470 | info@zardusart.com
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